2016-04.4: Installing freight car ladders

29 Apr 2016

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18:44 - Apr 2016 Act IV - Installing freight car ladders (2016)

A TrainMasters TV exclusive series. Trevor Marshall hosts, with techniques for super-detailing, painting and weathering locomotives and rolling stock from award-winning modelers across North America.  In this segment, professional modeler Pierre Oliver returns with techniques for installing etched-brass ladders on a boxcar.

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Besides the Xacto blade holder, I would like to know what is the applicator part used to apply the CA glue?

I use toothpicks which are not precise for very small pieces.

Thank you


Pierre comments on his bent pin applicator in this video:


Go to about 23:00 to hear his comments about this applicator.

Thank you for the info, I must of missed that part.


really nice!  I like several of the techniques shown.  I have used a number of plastic ladders, but I MIGHT have to change over.  I move my equipment on and off the layout quite a bit so a strong ladder is really appreciated.  Thanks!