2016-04.3: Esteban Martinez’s BNSF

23 Apr 2016

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16:57 - Apr 2016 Act III - Esteban Martinez’s BNSF Transcon Line (2016)

Building a layout in a garage is not for the faint of heart.  Esteban Martinez is modeling the modern-day BNSF in a 16’ X 30’ space normally reserved for a car and a snowblower.


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Esteban, very nicely done.  The railroad is quite nice and I think you captured the essence of the area and the modern era very well.  

I too like the new Walthers bridge kits and am taking my plain lift out section and converting it into a scenic lift out with two of the plate girder bridges in the scene.  Good luck with your bridge plan, but I bet it will look great.



Nice job with the layout, Esteban.  You have really represented the BNSF well with a nice blend of modern power, concrete mainline and large modern industries.  I just wish I was attending the NMRA in Indianapolis this year to see your layout in person. 

John Parker

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Great job on the layout Estebon!  I enjoyed the video very much.  Best of luck for continued success. 

Great looking layout!  Thanks for sharing and hope to see more!



Esteban, I am very impressed with your layout. Excellent work, sir.



Thank you Gentlemen


Well done great job ,Ireally like your locos what is the make of them and did you install the sound decoders  yourself.

Thank's for a great video.

Smokey Dawson    Australia


<p>Did you close in and insulate the garage doors, if so, how?&nbsp;</p>

I didn't close it. It's just in insulated door