2016-03.6: Lionel goes to the train show #2 FREE!

25 Mar 2016

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4:25 - March 2016 Bonus 1 - Lionel goes to the train show #2 (2016)

In this fun little piece, Lionel again does the train show, in the way ONLY Lionel can do ... Enjoy!

For more Lionel fun at this train show, see Lionel asking "What show is this?"

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I joined TrainmasterTV before the show in Springfield this year. I noticed that last year (2015) you had done a two part walk around with interviews with dealers showing new products and well as showing various layouts that were on display. I was hoping for a repeat performance this year as living on the west coast I am not able to attend the show. But for some reason this year all I (and of course everyone else) were treated to were 2 silly fluff pieces, one a month after the show and this one in the last few days. I was (and maybe others also) very disappointed. Now maybe there were reasons that you did not do what you have done in the past. I guess I will have to be satisfied with what is on youtube.


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Yes, we did cover the Amherst show in 2015, and even dedicated an entire month to the show in 2014.  Although our aim is to bring you the biggest and best in the hobby, it's also our mission to bring you variety.  We felt that over two years we had showcased some of the most interesting layouts at Springfield.  Instead of featuring the same show we thought it would be better to take you to some other events, like the Finescale Model Railroad Expo, for example.  In the next year we hope to include an RPM meet, the NMRA National Train Show in Indianapolis, TrainFest in Milwaukee, and even a narrow-gauge convention.  Certainly we will be back at Springfield in 2017.


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I really have enjoyed the mix of subjects over the last couple years, the in depth weathering videos, as well as the train show coverage. I do like how you inerviewed smaller mom and pop business as well as leaders in the hobby. I enjoy these lighter videos too. If I had my choice of people to walk around the show with, I believe I would pick Lionel. With one hand on my wallet of course.


I know there are some people who don't enjoy these types of videos so much but I gotta say... I was smiling the whole way through this video and even laughed out loud a couple of times!

You'll never please everyone but you can always try :) I also enjoy the in depth show reports as well... heck I enjoy everything! Talk about an easy customer!

Keep up the great work.