2016-03.4: Fired Up: Ending the run

26 Mar 2016

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11:25 - Mar 2016 Act IV - Fired Up: Ending the run (2016)

Explore the world of small-scale live steam with Fired up!  We conclude this season with a discussion of what happens once a steaming session is over. Part six of six.

Also in act IV, we return to the Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby with Show Lionel Strang to find out “What’s in your bag?”

Fired up bonus extra video short - Sausages & Steam, episode 6:
Sausages and Steam!
Episode 1: Into to garden live steam
Episode 2: Buying your first loco
Episode 3: Fuels and safety

Episode 4: Oiling, watering, fueling
Episode 5: Lighting the fire
Episode 6: This video ...

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Bonus: Back to the workbench - Gauging trucks and couplers ...

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Holy smokes!  There's another verse?!?!  COOL!

Seriously, keep up the great work, guys - love the show!

I agree with Tom Jacobs the second verse is cool.

Also I enjoy the sausages and steam videos.

Keep it up!