2016-02.3: Siskiyou Line operating session

23 Feb 2016

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23:17 - Feb 2016 Act III - Siskiyou Line open house, part 2 (2016)

Joe Fugate’s Siskiyou Line is over two decades old, but for the past three years he hasn’t had the opportunity to do much work on it.  In part two of this feature, guests attending a National Model Railroad Association convention arrive to tour the layout and Joe holds a special operating session for a handful of convention attendees. If you missed part 1, you can watch it here.

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Enjoyed the video.

Tbgarland's picture

Interesting documentary of what it took to get the Siskiyou Line up and running for its Layout Tour and first Operating Session from being in hiatus. Are there any future plans to publish a new video from a live operating session like what has been done before? A video following the Coos Bay Hauler over the length of the entire line would be great to see as well since a number of scenery changes has been made from the previous series.


Tim Garland

joef's picture

Once I get some more scenery done, we will do a true layout tour video - Barry and I are thinking in about 3 years.

In the meantime, the Run like a Dream series will feature some running footage to demonstrate what my run-like-a-dream standard looks like as to locos and rolling stock. Also, in another year or so, I plan to start redoing the Siskiyou Line video series with updated layout footage and my latest-and-greatest techniques that have come from recent material and method updates. But a new 5-video Siskiyou Line series update is a several year project all by itself.

So lots of Siskiyou Line coming over the next 3 years plus.

Great video, Joe.  It's great to see all that goes into the layout.  And how cool is it that you, your son, and your grandson are bonding over model railroading!

I loved the part where your grandson jumped the gun with moving the train.  I would have been the one to do that if I was there, and I'm 3 or 4 times as hold as him ;)

Great stuff, really enjoyed it. The wife even started paying attention when Bobby got himself in a bind. Thanks!


Very impressed with the scenery on the completed sections. That trestle bridge has a real impact, and looks good in it's location. If that is the standard you hope to finish it all to you won't go far wrong.


Joe, before you dump your plastic axles....STOP! You know the stick of sketching graphite you use to rub your track to improve electrical conductivity? Cut a very small nick in it,(about the size of the axle point) and then run the axle back and forth on your workbench whilst applying pressure to the graphite. This puts a fine coating of graphite onto the bearing surface, obviously softer graphites work better. I use a 2B, it does the job. Worth a try before you chuck them out surely?

Regards, Andrew Thompson