2016-02.1: Modeling rockwork, part 2

05 Feb 2016

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32:16 - Feb 2016 Act I - Modeling rockwork: 2 (2016)

In this three-part Backshop Clinic series, Miles Hale demonstrates classic techniques for casting and painting rock, including instructions for making your own latex moulds.  In part two he demonstrates how to cast plaster directly onto the layout, and shows a fast and simple technique for coloring the rock.

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Bonus material: 
- Back to the Workbench with Miles Hale
- Weathering with Mike Confalone

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Miles is great. I like the way he explains as he demonstrates. Only complaint is Lionel; he detracts from the flow with his non sequitur comments and is sort of a jerk for making fun of Miles for not being able to spell.

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I was just chatting with a friend last night how much I enjoy the banter and easy going demeanor that Miles and Lionel have on the TMTV videos that they do together. Some of the other hosts are very informative, but I find a bit dry when it comes to personality. I've enjoyed almost all of the TMTV videos released up to date, and look forward to future installments.

Definitely more scenery oriented topics. It seems that many people are intimidated by this aspect of the hobby. It may explain why many layout don't get past the benchwork stage. The way that you present the scenery techniques makes it doable to the modeler that may shy away from this great part of the hobby. An everyday guy approach to scenery.

Keep up the great work Barry and Co.

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I have to say that when I first met Lionel over 20 years ago I might have said "Geez, that guy was a bit of a jerk."  (And I've told that story too many times)  But once you get to know Lionel's style you realize he's just a kitten in a bear suit.  I can assure everyone that on- and off-camera Miles pokes at Lionel just as much, and he's a much better speller than he pretends to be.  

One thing I can say is that when Lionel is around I never have to feel like I'm asking a stupid question, because he'll have one that's even stupider.   :p


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