2015-12.3: Live steam fuels and safety

26 Dec 2015

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15:19 - Dec 2015 Act III - Fired Up: Fuels and safety (2015)

Explore the world of small-scale live steam with Fired up!  Jeff and Trevor discuss the various fuels for live steam locomotives and a few simple safety precautions to keep the fun in your operating sessions.  This is part three of six.

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Sausages and Steam!
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Episode 2: Buying your first loco
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Episode 4: Oiling, watering, fueling
Episode 5: Lighting the fire
Episode 6: Ending the run

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Welsh steam coal huh? Good to see the Welsh are good at something, they certainly can't play rugby like they used to!

There have been a number of videos over the past several years showing the various heritage steam locomotives running around the UK. I've been consistently impressed by how clean their fires are compared to what is occasionally seen in "heritage" locomotive operations in the U.S.  Jeff's comment about the reopening of an anthracite mine to supply heritage and modeling interests intrigued me; is anthracite coal that much cleaner burning?  The "Route of the Phoebe Snow" and it's implied cleanliness now potentially has more relevance for me. 

When measured strictly on a BTU basis, many bituminous coals have more energy, and perhaps are better for higher horsepower applications due to its faster burning properties.  However, that clean (and slower) burn may be just the ticket for these special (heritage / hobby) applications.

Trevor or Jeff, can you point me to additional information on this topic?  

Matt Goodman

Columbus, OH