2015-12.2: TMTV Dec 2015 Edition - Act II

18 Dec 2015

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19:29 - Dec 2015 Act II - Scale Trains, Big Dreams: 3 (2015)

Scale Trains, Big Dreams: In part three of our feature documentary on the launch of ScaleTrains.com, Mike and Shane return to the factory in China to pick up the turbines for TrainFest, and the models debut at the show. Part 3 of 3.

In case you missed part 1, you can watch part 1 here.
In case you missed part 2, you can watch part 2 here.

Act III: Fired Up: Fuels and safety ...

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espeelover's picture

Well, the turbine is nice, no way around it, its better than any brass version ever could be; the details and electronics are superb. They also now have the right trucks I'm thinking for a UP U50C at some point. Can't wait to see what they come out with next as most of their introductery merchandise is way outside of my era and/or RR tastes; did order a few boxcars though, they look absolutely great, and the prices are very fair. A little grunge weathering and they'll be right at home with my other equipment.

Best wishes Scale Trains; I know you will do well; you chose wisely.


Enjoy your trains!

John H.

Tbgarland's picture

This is a great documentary that I could easily see on the Discovery Channel. It not only is interesting to Model Railroaders but to a wide audience who can appreciate the modern era of manufacturing that we live in. It is also great to see another scale manufacturer who strives for great attention to detail. This is great news for our hobby as it means other company's will have to step up their game to compete.

I can't wait to see what the next locomotive from Scale Trains will be. My preference would be an accurate NS Dash 9-40CW but I could easily see them coming up with a steam locomotive. If they do hopefully it will be one that survived and can be found hauling tourist and fans today.

Tim Garland

Absolutely fascinating coverage, and a beautiful model. Great job!

Barry and team,

I can't say enough about this three-part series on Scale Trains. I would say that this is THE most comprehensive, professional and just plain awesome piece of model railroad journalism I've ever seen. It is a totally fascinating, behind-the scenes look at an up and coming model railroad manufacturer. The trials and tribulations, the ups and downs and the sheer magnitude of the task at hand are presented so clearly here. Just in production value alone, this exceeds much of what I see on "real T.V" 

Next time a modeler complains about a manufacturer not getting it right, tune in to this documentary for a true behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to produce something truly great. Clearly, it ain't easy.

Well done!

Mike Confalone

Scaletrains and TMTV,

Thank you very much for sharing this story!  It has been fascinating to watch the whole process and learn what is involved in starting a new model railroad company and developing brand new, high-end products.  

Wishing Scaletrains ALL the best of luck in their endeavors!

Hoping TMTV may offer more documentaries for our enjoyment and education in the future, well done!

A new fan of both,



I now have a better appreciation of why rolling stock and motive power costs so much today. All the behind the scenes things that have to happen just to make it possible for us to purchase one boxcar is amazing.
The documentary was excellent. Very informative. The products looked great and displayed well. Great job Scale Trains.
Any chance you will be doing something in HO scale narrow gauge in the future?

Another " Brilliant "  production by Trainmasters Tv !!!!  An incrediable insight regarding what actually goes into producing beautiful models, and totally agree with what Mike stated; these poeple are not just factory workers but possibly the Greatest Modellers in the World, a big shout out the  production people who make the final product possible, Great Stuff....


Warflight's picture

Though my era is "Old West", I wouldn't mind one of these! I decided a few weeks ago (because the layout isn't built yet... only the engines, cars, buildings, people, horses, and wagons are mostly done... ) it gives me options! I decided that my railroad will be a "movie set", which means that one of these could be used, and look right at home, depending on what fictious movie is being filmed.

Like I said... options.

These are beautiful though, and I'm so happy to see them, and the whole "how it's made" has always been a curiosity for me! I had heard of the Turbines a few years back, while watching a documentary that claimed that there were no surviving examples left of these engines, so it's cool to find that the documentary was wrong, and that there are at least two left!

(now to start saving my pennies in the hope of someday owning one of these models)