2015-11.3: TMTV Nov 2015 Edition - Act III

23 Nov 2015

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30:08 - Nov 2015 Act III - Scale Trains, Big Dreams, part 1 (2015)

Scale Trains, Big Dreams is a three-part documentary that takes you behind the scenes of the business of making model trains.  Travel the globe to see how a new upstart - ScaleTrains.com - takes on the challenge of designing, manufacturing and marketing their products for railroad modelers. Part 1 of 3.

So for part 2, you can watch part 2 here.
And as for part 3, you can watch part 3 here.

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Act IV: Fired Up!: Buying your first live-steam locomotive ...

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TMTV's survey we did just over a year ago had as one of the top requests to see more about vendors and their products. This three-part documentary will address that request like no other video has ever done in the hobby. We hope you appreciate the in-depth reporting and traveling the globe that TMTV has done to put this video together for our fellow modelers. We wish to thank ScaleTrains.com for opening their doors to us like this - it's clear they want us all to know what makes them tick. It's nice to see a new manufacturer be so open with the hobby community about their product goals!

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I've been a member of Train masters tv for almost 2 years.  It's June 2017 and I just now found this video.  Awesome!  No doubt this is the best website for modelrailroaders.  This documentary type video was great.  Nothing I can say you guys don't already know.  Just keep doing what you're doing.