2015-10.6: TMTV Oct 2015 Edition - Bonus 2

15 Oct 2015

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28:20 - Oct 2015 Bonus 2 - Chasing coal trains (2015)

In Allagash Railfan Series volume 2, we follow coal trains over the Allagash. We chase trains across the entire scenic line both directions, enjoying many of the Allagash’s highlights. We watch big coal trains passing through classic small town Maine, and witness coal trains threading the deep rock cut at Holman Summit. It's the excitement and drama of big-time railroading as we chase coal trains in volume 2 of the Allagash Railfan series!


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This is such an outstanding series and I am so glad it is available on TMTV. Mike you have completed so much work to the layout since the Op Session video. I hope you will continue to make these great videos going forward. It would be great to see another Operating Session video too. 

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful model railroad!

Tim Garland

a fantastic series.  great editing also.

I could almost believe this was 1:1 scale not a model railroad. Marvellous!!!

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Incredible inspiration for anyone ! Mike, your weathering is just spot on perfect ! I love seeing the bridges and the detail you have put into them . I am at the point right now building bridges, and yours are just perfect. If you can't find something in these videos to get you fired up and going...you have no soul ! Keep them coming !


Yeah great, in the first Allagash video I could not stop drooling over the keyboard !!!! , now I have wet my Pants !!!

Thank You Mike ..........


Another terrific video. I really enjoyed watching it.


Great looking layout!  Great production!  

Keep it going MRH!


This volume and volume 1 showns why I am a model railroader. It also shows just how far I have to go. Flat out inspirational.

Andrew Bruce

Thanks for the comment on the production values Joe. That means a lot. I worked hard to get this thing as good as possible from a video editing and sound stand point. Thanks to Joe Fugate for giving me some really good pointers too.

Mike Confalone


nice job...work of art...looks great....keep it up...you're a modeling monster..lol ..waiting for next video!

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Mike, thanks for another superb video! The atmospheric scenes in Weld have to be seen to be believed, and shout out classic New England!


Where is volume 3?

Mike's been working on his weathering series, which starts here on TMTV this week and will run for the next three months as weekly episodes.