2015-10.5: TMTV Oct 2015 Edition - Bonus 1

15 Oct 2015

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28:50 - Oct 2015 Bonus 1 - Trackside at New Sharon (2015)

In Allagash Railfan Series volume 1, we spend a day trackside at New Sharon with the New Sharon switcher. We railfan working New Sharon Yard and switching local customers like Franklin County Feeds, we witness the daily road trains on the AGR’s Kennebec subdivision, including some that work New Sharon, picking up and setting out cars for the local industries. The locos in and around New Sharon are varied and interesting, including Alcos from the Allagash and the Delaware & Hudson.

Volume 2: Chasing coal trains on the Allagash ...

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Superb job on the production of this new Railfan series. It was if the viewer was actually trackside watching the action. I hope a future episode will focus on the operation at Madrid Yard following the switcher there as it builds and classifies trains. It was also great to see you have moved the date up from 1981 to 1984 and have included more EMD units. I would have loved to have followed the WAAB with the three GP38s around the layout.

Thanks again!

Tim Garland

Awesome awesome awesome!!  You do not want it to end!  Great work!

Thanks so much

the Allagash is a work of art...

I was expecting a bit  more of the operations based on its  advertisement ...

This IS the operation of this layout - from the perspective of how it would look to a railfan. Look at all that happens in just this one location on this layout in a 24 hour period. Look at the mix of locos and trains, the mix of yard switching and industries to switch. The entire series will cover operations all around the layout - the total scope is huge.

It's pretty amazing when you think about it - and very engaging if YOU are an operator on this layout. All the locos have sound and lights, and all this activity takes place in an op session - with very few derailments or other problems. We've seen very few modelers achieve this level of engaging realism on their layout, and we're sharing it here so you can enjoy it - and maybe be inspired to set the bar high yourself and make us some videos like this of YOUR layout.


Wow! Very Impressive!  This is one of the best presentations of operations I have seen.  That said, what was more impressive to me was the level of realism.  The way Mike has blended photo backdrops with the foreground scenery is amazing.  Also, the weathering of your locos and cars adds a level of authenticity that is breath taking.  On first glance it would be easy to think that the video was of the real thing.  Great job!  Inspiring as well! 


No offense taken, just wanting to remind of all the effort it takes to do this level of modeling, operations planning, videography, and editing. Critical comments are fine, just a bit puzzled as to why really drilling down into the tiny details of every ops nuance for New Sharon would be less than what was expected.

The scope of the full series is the entire layout in this level of depth - truly a monumentual work that we've never seen duplicated anywhere else - ever.

This all said - what WERE you expecting to see in a 28 minute video?


This is outstanding. Having grown up in Chicago, I now live in eastern Massachusetts, and visit my family in Bangor Maine throughout the year. The realism and authenticity viewing this trackside is amazing when I compare it to the experiences I've had throughout the past 20 years in Maine. Especially the night shots. Comparable to Northern Maine Junction, Greenville, Mattawamkeag (especially), Millinocket and Brownville Jct.

I find there's something really unique about Maine railroading and it is captured so well here. The comprehensive nature of the layout from the origin and background story, scenery, modeling, weathering, sound, DCC tweaks, weighted cars and the operations is what makes it compelling to me. I'm normally not one to care for freelance either. 

Mike - thanks for providing inspiration to many of us who aspire to achieve what you have in the Allagash. 

On to the next video!

-Ethan Haslett

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Just wow.....WOW.  You feel like you are standing there watching 1:1 trains. Congradulations to both Mike as a modeler, and the fantastic job of the TVTV crew for taking the video. Just beautiful !


Thank you TMTV for the great bonus videos!  Mike Confalone, you did an outstanding job with these videos and your layout.  This is my all time favorite model railroad!

AMAAZZZZZZING !!!! I am out of words ,,,,  and I cant stop drooling over the keyboard !!

This is the FINEST footage I have ever seen, the bar has just been thrown out the window !!!!

That was really enjoyable. The video moved at a nice pace and did a great job of communicating the score of a day's work at New Sharon. Seeing the models described in terms of what they were doing really tied together so much of the work put into creating them.

I'm looking forward to watching the next installment and I hope these two videos aren't the only you share in this style.



I sure love that generator whine on the GP as it works around the yard. We've made so many advances in the quality of locomotive sound but this was one detail that I didn't think I'd heard before...let alone done so well.



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An excellent video! Well presented. I love the way one cannot see the rest of the layout, it is almost as though one is actually line side, which of course is the objective of the series. Looking forward to the next installments already.

Thanks Brian.

I really appreciate the feedback. Your comments tell me that I think I did what I was out to do, which was to try to "shrink mysefl" down to the size of an HO figure and stand trackside, giving no clues that we're looking at a model railroad.

Mike Confalone


Thanks for the comments.

This is just the beginning of what  will be a multi-installment video series. I have a couple more volumes I can do now, and then additional volumes as new areas are completed (scenery). I'm looking forward to completing more in the very near future.

Mike Confalone


From someone who is as familiar with Maine railroads as you are, your perspective is most appreciated. Onward!

Mike Confalone

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Mike Confalone,

Amazing RR. Never been to Maine, seen pictures and I feel like I'm there; watching your Allagash Rwy videos is inspirational. Time to take a sledge to my pike.


Any chance I could buy a set of decals for a Allagash 40' XM, the BCR with white lettering scheme, like the set out at the team track, would be my first choice?



John Huey


Although not a big fan of 70's railways, your rendition of the Allagash is like time travel and enjoyable for it. Realism with a capital R...

Question: there is a very pronounced clickety-clack as the train negotiates the multiple turnouts, is that from a sound card or have you dubbed it over?