2015-10.3: Upgrade blue box handrails-1

23 Oct 2015

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28:53 - Oct 2015 Act III - Upgrade blue box handrails, pt 1 (2015)

Whether you are working on an older locomotive with crude wire handrails, or a newer unit with thin plastic railings that won't hold their shape, brass stanchions and railings are a good alternative.  Efram Ellenbogen shows how he installs them on an Athearn "blue box" SD40-2.

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Dear Trevor, Efram,

If using an older Blue-box era Ath loco as a donor,
and Horizon have released/updated the Ath model with plastic RTR or "Genesis" level handrails,
(SD40s, SW1500s, etc)

is it worth investigating using the "newer version" handrails as drop-on upgrades/replacements?

If Yes, what would be involved in installing/gluing/etc the newer-plastic handrails on the older loco shell?

Happy Modelling,
Aim to Improve,
Prof Klyzlr

Dear Trevor, Efram;

This was another nice segment, well delivered and clear. Thanks.

Bob Courtney

philw2015's picture

Another very well done show. I'm geeting a lot of Info out of this topic. Efram is dose a very good job of showing and explaing what he is doing and why. I have already got a list of parts to get so I can updrade my Old Nlue Box Locos I should have them by the next show thank Efam and TMTV.

Phil W

guest's picture

Yes, indeed you can use the new plastic one piece handrails that are supplied in the new RTR Athearn units.  The only caveat is availability.  Also, I have seen dozens of RTR units with poorly cast handrails, which results in the stanchions being curved. Since they are not metal, there is no real way to make them absolutely vertical.