2015-10.1: Fine-scale structure modeling tricks

10 Oct 2015

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27:10 - Oct 2015 Act I - Fine-scale structure modeling tricks (2015)

In his third visit to The Backshop Clinic, modeller Don Railton shares a variety of his secrets for creating his realistic fine-scale structure models.

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- Allagash Railfan series, volumes 1 and 2

Act II: TMTV's new series on live steam in the backyard: Fired Up!

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coyoteww's picture

Don does some beautiful work with very creative ideas on how to use different materials. I know I am going to have to take a second look at balsa now after watching this video. I hope you will have Don back on doing his " rust " technique on the car. The peeling paint along with the rust was very realistic. Oh...and Trevor, your shirt really made the buildings pop...nice contrast !!!!!


Georonn's picture

Another great episode guys.  I love all the signage, open manuals, magazines and stuff.  I especially like all the bullet holes in the car.  Nicely done.




Love Trevor, great at demonstrating new ideas and always asks the right questions of guests. I've learned a lot from him. But Trevor, who dresses you?. Your a Video TV Star and you have the ugliest shirt collection I've ever seen. Addirionally, most times the collars look so bad I wonder if your sleeping in them. Your in the big leagues now Trevor, time to step up!!


tpmarshall's picture

You're welcome to take my job if you can do better.