2015-09.5: Making easy open top loads

03 Oct 2015

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25:45 -Sep 2015 Bonus - Open top loads (2015)

Miles Hale demonstrates quick fixes for empty freight cars.

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Being ever so frugal I find that white glue or spray adhesives work very well,  and we usually have a supply on hand at all times. Also for strapping I find that laying out a length of electrical tape and then slicing it to strap width is very economical and works great. Otherwise great ideas to mull over and as usual, looking forward to Sunday mornings has not dissapointed again. Well done!   


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Here is a great facebook group that focuses exclusively on freight car loads:


- Bill


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good ideas Miles. 5 stars for going to the lumberyard and taking photos of loads. Would it work to use a spray adhiesive on the coal load, and sift the pastel on it?


Those coal loads look great! I'm curious about the details for the base as well as the resin load. Would adding that Pan Pastel to Scenic Express coal also give a good look?

You show a brown roll of VHB tape but when I search on 3M VHB tape there are hundreds.

What is the 3M number of your tape or what is the thickness .010, .015 ????