2015-09.4: Easy structure interiors

25 Sep 2015

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13:49 -Sep 2015 Act IV - Easy structure interiors (2015)

A few details on the walls and roof of a structure can add realism, but don't forget the interior.  Modeler Miles Hale shares some quick tips for giving buildings a lived-in look.

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Loved the photoshopped interior photo idea. A very quick way to add interior details for a building.

Georonn's picture

Another great episode guys.  Quick question, have either of you used photos printed on transparency film and the secured it behind the windows to make the interior standout more?  I was looking at trying this but I thought I would ask before spending money and time experimenting with this idea.

As usual, interesting video. But  I would prefer have more close-up wview on the topics than on the presenters, even if they are very sympatic.