2015-09.3: "Blue box" roof fan upgrade

18 Sep 2015

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28:17 -Sep 2015 Act III - "Blue box" roof fan upgrade (2015)

Model builder Efram Ellenbogen returns to the TrainMasters TV studio to do more work on his Athearn SD40-2.  Who would have thought that replacing cast-on rooftop fans with detailed parts would have been so easy?

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Not into diesels but the techniques taught go into other aspects of modeling.

Efram is a very impressive teacher of his craft.

Very enjoyable to watch. I really appreciate the overhead camera angle.



Georonn's picture

Great session guys.  As one of the other commentors noted, Efram is a great teacher.  Not only does he tell you what to do, but he tells you why, which of course is the real wisdom in the lesson.  I know all too often I will think I understand an instruction, and I will think I know a better way, only to later ruin a part or cause myself extra work.  Excellent video.  Thank you.


Watching this video and what can happen when using certain tools reminded me of an incident that happened last night. While working on an old Athearn Blue Box auto parts box car, I ended up slipping with the blade I was using and ended up cutting my finger. It wasn't a bad cut, but before the incident happened I remembered thinking that something could wrong with what I was doing.


Other than that, this video is definitely really good and gives me ideas for upgrading other old Athearn models to look better. One project I plan to do is to upgrade an old Blue Box model of the H24-66 from the late 70's to replace certain fan details with Atlas parts.



Excellent! I am really enjoying this series "Notch 8". I concur with the other comments, Efram is an excellent teacher and Trevor you are by far the best host TMTV has. You have set the bar high with quality from the beginning. This is my favorite series on TMTV, looking forward to what's next.

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Efram is a wealth of knowlege. I really want to do this upgrade to my old blue box Loco's Please keep this show going

Phil W