2015-09.1: TMTV Sep 2015 Edition - Act I

05 Sep 2015

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18:36 -Sep 2015 Act I - 2015 National Train Show report: 1 (2015)

Miles Hale visits the 2015 National Train Show in Portland, Oregon and discovers the wide range of diversity our hobby offers.  Part one of two. Watch part 2.

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Act II: Part 2 of the 2015 Portland Train Show report ...

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Miles, you have done an excellent job highlighting some of the outstanding aspects and modeling of our hobby.  Living only a few hours from Portland, I was able to attend this show.  Like you, I was impressed with the variety and quality of the modeling.  The n-scale layout you featured has to be seen to really be appreciated.  It is outstanding!  In coming videos I hope you feature some of the other fine modeling including what the z-scalers have done.  It is too small a scale for me, but never the less impressive.  I was helping with one of the modular layouts, so I got to meet modelers from other groups.  We have some great modelers among us.  The really surprising thing to me was how many people attended the show, especally on Saturday.  I had to go out to my car around noon, and the line to get into the show was over a block long and the building was already getting crowded.  I am sure many of those attending will become model railroaders in the future.  Thank you again for such a great report.  Bob

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Thanks for your comments, Bob.  Certainly the Portland show had an abundance of well-executed layouts and a surprising number in the smaller scales.  You can expect to see some of the Z-scale layouts that were there in part two of Miles' report, coming up shortly.