2015-08.5: Loon Lake Railway Running footage

22 Aug 2015

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8:39 - Aug 2015 Bonus 1 - Loon Lake Railway Running footage (2015)

Sit back and enjoy un-narrated footage of Pete Smith's Sn3 layout.  The story of the Loon Lake Railway & Navigation Company is featured in the August 2015 edition of TrainMasters TV.

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Bonus 2: TCS WOWSound Diesel Demo ...

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thanks for sharing this video. This layout is stunning!


Yes, truly amazing modelling and a joy to watch.

Nice detail. Inspirational.

Simple model railfanning, awesome! 

Really enjoyed watching the layout on its own like this, thanks for the bonus!

CN6401's picture

What an absolutely great video tour. The attention to detail and the weathering of the engines and rolling stock is stunning!

Ralph Renzetti

An absolutely stunning layout!  This is how it should be presented: with no narrative.


Beautiful layout, beautiful scale. Bravo !