2015-07.4: TMTV July 2015 Edition - Act IV

24 Jul 2015

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25:20 - Jul 2015 Act IV - How scale lumber is made (2015)

Where does scale lumber come from?  Miles Hale learns about the craft of turning raw wood into model-building products at the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber factory.

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filly535's picture

Thanks for a fascinating subject and interview.

As a woodworker, and modeler, and someone who has made some scale lumber one board at a time on conventional wood working machines, I found this whole process most interesting. I never gave the production of scale lumber much thought, and was really suprised by the expense, and amount of specialty machines involved.


Great stuff ! I've cut a little of my own lumber and now realize why scale wood is so expensive. The tooling isn't cheap and probably more than half of the raw boards are turned into sawdust.  Mt. Albert makes a great product. Bill

Very good how too.

Need more how is make on video,, especially locomotive and box car

Many times I find vendor segments ho hum. This segment is an exception and does a great job of explaining and showing the process. Hats off to Miles and Gerry. Wonderful products.

I really enjoyed this video and have a new appreciation for what manufacturers will do to supply us with great quality products.  I will be very careful before I complain about prices in the future!!

Thank you, Andy Keeney


Warflight's picture

What do they do with the sawdust they collect from their shop? Can it be bagged and sold? (I have SO MANY uses for sawdust of the sort of grain that would come off those machines for my layout)