2015-06.5: TMTV June 2015 Edition - Bonus 2

30 Jun 2015

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6:56 - Jun 2015 Bonus 2 - Korea Brass U25C (2015)

John Forsythe of Train Control Systems discusses their new partnership with Korea Brass and the model of General Electric's U25C, the first engine to have factory-installed WOWsound and KeepAlive.

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very interesting locomotive. Plastic body with brass details, like what the super detailed  have been doing for years. Great detail, lower cost. Also, I like the keep alive feature. I am a DCC o scaler, but wonder if a form of keep alive could be made for the DC guys?

Very informative, both in terms of who Korea Brass are, and the desirable aspects of the  Wow-sound partnership on this project.  The keep-alive function is impressive.  Makes me think that battery-powered locomotives will be the wave of the future...  I hate cleaning track!

Best demonstration of keep alive I've seen yet!


Did I hear him say "the fan blades rotate" ?! Fantastic model and decent price point for a WOW sound decoder with keep alive all in RTR. Love the lighting functions also.