2015-06.3: Super-detailed structures

19 Jun 2015

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23:05 - Jun 2015 Act III - Super-detailed structures (2015)

Trevor Marshall hosts, as finescale modeller Don Railton visits The Backshop Clinic to discuss techniques for creating his amazingly-detailed structure models in several scales.

For an interesting backstory from Trevor on Don and his work, see this blog post.

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Excellent presentation from both Trevor & Don.

I've actually learnt some very useful techniques.

Also brilliant modelling by Don & makes it seem so simple.

Well done.

Not sure how much scripting goes into these segments, but regardless, Trevor knows how to ask great questions and bring out salient points.  I really like these structure modeling segments and look forward to more from Don, in particular.  Thank you, TMTV!



Great!  I hope to see more from Don Railton!

I would like to see more from Don especially how he did his weathered brickwork.  It is some of the finest I have ever seen.



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Hi Galen:

Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed hosting Don for this segment.

To answer your question, there's no scripting - although we did have a short discussion before shooting so I knew what Don would be showing. That way, I could properly introduce the segment ("I see you have a lot of graph paper here...") and it gave me a place to work from in terms of questions and observations.

As the blog post about this piece notes, we shot three clinics in one day so there's more to come. And Don enjoyed the day so we hope to have him back in the studio to shoot even more clinics.


- Trevor

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Hi Mike:

Don and I shot a segment on how he does brick, so your wish will be granted in a future Backshop Clinic segment.


- Trevor

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Hi everybody:

Shameless self-promotion time...

If you enjoyed this clinic, and you know others who are interested in building structures who are not currently watching TrainMasters TV, can you do us a favor and let them know about Don Railton and his fantastic modeling? It could be just the reason your fellow hobbyists need to subscribe...

Thanks in advance!

From personal experience, I'm really glad I had the chance to meet Don at the Finescale Model Railroader Expo earlier this year - and thrilled that he agreed to come to the studio to do some clinics for the Backshop. I learned a lot from my day with Don and I look forward to applying some of this knowledge to building better structures for my layout.

- Trevor


I hope one of the follow-up videos will show us how Don does the shingles.  They look fantastic.  

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Yes, Don will be showing us how he makes his shingles.  But first, he'll give us a clinic on making brick and block using styrofoam.  That'll be coming up in August or September.

Anyone know how he makes the hinges.....or door handles...

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I don't know the answer... and we haven't formally talked to Don about coming back to the studio to shoot more segments. But I'm sure up for hosting him if he does return and I know we'd like to have him back, so it's just a question of us getting in touch with him and - if he's willing - to establish a day for shooting. And when we do talk to him about coming back, we can ask if he can do a clinic on hinges and other small details...

Stay tuned!