2015-06.1: Shaun Toman's UP Oregon Division

06 Jun 2015

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13:20 - Jun 2015 Act I - Shaun Toman's UP Oregon Division (2015)

When Shaun Toman moved to a new residence he found the perfect place to build a layout - in the backyard.  See what he's accomplished on his HO-scale Union Pacific Oregon Division in just the first year.

Also in the June show:
 - The Roadshow:  Trackside Scenery
 - The Backshop Clinic:  fine scale structure techniques with Don Railton
 - TinXten:  the origins of scale modeling

... and more!

Act II: The Roadshow:  Trackside Scenery ...

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wiseconnect's picture

very nice layout in a small place

CN6401's picture

Shaun, I think your layout is great, Very well done. I'm glad to see that you're not afraid to add weathering to both you locos and rolling stock but also to your scenery. Very few Modelers that I have seen weather both parts. You have managed to do both and done so convincingly. I did a video back in April of last year on Extreme Weathering for TMTV and would like to share some ideas regarding this topic. Send me a PM on my Facebook page so we can talk. 

You mention that you started out with 40' cars and modeled the past but with the new equipment that has become available you have moved on to modern era, I have done the same but with a twist you may want to consider. I also freelanced my layout but tried to maintain a Canadian feel for mountains and water. 

OK,  the twist, from one OP session to the next I change the date. An example of this would be, last months OP session would have been set as 1970 and next month may go back to 1957 or maybe forward to 1985 etc. The idea keeps all my rolling stock relevant and I would change the motive power appropriately to suit the year. 

Again, great work!

Ralph Renzetti


What a great layout! A surprise was to see a still picture of my Lehigh Valley Railroad included with your stunning work. Keep up the fine modeling.


Love the railroad. You are an inspiration especially for younger modelers like myself. I'm 35 and just got a house with a basement where a railroad will soon go. I have a 1963 Galaxie ragtop in the garage too, so I think we share more than one interest. Nice Buick by the way.


triple double kewl.......