2015-06.0: M3D printer review

02 Jun 2015

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12:34 - June 2015 Bonus - M3D printer review (2015)

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Miles Hale reviews the M3D, an affordable 3D printer that was made possible through a Kickstarter campaign.

Act I: Shaun Toman's UP Oregon Division in a shed ...

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Man , if I was in my 40s and had an opportunity to learn this, I'd be all over it. I can imaagine what modelers in other disciplines sre doing with this. The big obstacle for me is age I'm 70 now and we all know the future is not infinite. Also learning sketchup has quite a steep curve. Knowing sketchup or CAD for that matter is key here and while Miles mentions it ,CAD is still the main element. I know one can get his artwork done for him but if you want your own originality then you must learn.

      The other thing is getting experience with the machines. There are so many little tricks and hints neede to get good prints that it seems impossible to follow. I also read MAKE magazine which features a lot of 3D construction ,so for folks interested I'd recommend the mag for additional reading.

       Thanks for reviewing this cool machine,  BILL

Miles, I see that the parts all are printed using a raft - do you have to actually include the raft in your 3d artwork or does the printer software do that automatically somehow?  Do you have a sense as to how this printer compares in print quality vs what one might get by using a service such as Shapeways?  The price point definitely makes this a possibility for hobbyists, but I'm curious as to the final product quality in the smaller scales such as HO - thanks!

The resolution seems rather coarse at the moment with very noticable horizontal lines.  It that a function of the printer, the materials used or combination thereof?

Yikes!  Really poor resolution for that machine.

I use Shapeways for my O scale parts that I use to convert 3 rail models to 2 rail. I get much better resolution than this device. If I purchase a desktop 3D printer I think I will save up some extra money and purchase a MakerBot or Form1. Still appreciate you showing the technology Miles. 3D printing is going to revolutionize the hobby. For people who model in less popular scales, 3D printing will allow them to print parts and even entire models that have never been offered. Very cool. Here is a link to one of my Shapeways printed parts  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10206178602257570&set=pcb.740175229443957&type=1&theater