2015-05.4: Jeff Sargeant's GN/SP&S layout

26 May 2015

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17:21 - May 2015 Act IV - Jeff Sargeant's GN/SP&S (2015)

TMTV visits Jeff "Big Sarge" Sargeant - an N-scale modeller who is passionate about recreating the feel of big mountain railroading in Washington state.  His modeling interests include Great Northern, Spokane, Portland & Seattle, Northern Pacific and a freelanced logging branchline.


This a a great video of a great layout.  I especially appreciated the pictures of the construction and seeling all of the great trains running.  Well done!


I believe I saw what looks to be a Lookout Tower, Very Nice!  Can you tell us a bit about it and what inspired you to have it on the layout?





It's great to see another Railfan style layout. I know operations are all the rage, but there are a lot of people that like to build realistic scenery and just watch the trains roll through. This layout inspires me. Thanks for sharing Jeff!