2015-04.3: Creating rural scenery

17 Apr 2015

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44:27 - April 2015 Act III - Creating rural scenery (2015)

In our series "Back to the Basement", Miles Hale is building a layout from the ground up.
After taking a short break to catch up on some work on his layout, Miles returns with tips on creating rural scenery in part 8 of the series.

Act IV: Module wiring on The Roadshow ...

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Miles, You've done a fantastic job and I'm looking forward to thye city scene. Keep up the great work my friend.

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Miles....I have always liked the way you created scenes, but I especially like your " drop " technique. Can't wait for the next in the series !


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Thank you for another great tutorial. I think this is my favorite "Back to the basement" to date. The amount of detail really makes a big difference in a scene. all I have to do is look at my own yard to see it's not Better Homes and Gardens around here. As I am in tree mode right now, I really appreciated your insights on the hobo camp forest.




Again you have come up with another great tutorial. I'am always looking foward to seeing another. Thank you, Ron

Best I've seen so far. Anxious for the next chapter!

Great job Miles.  You are really channeling your inner Bob Ross.