2015-04.1: Finescale Expo, part 1

03 Apr 2015

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17:07 - April 2015 Act I - Finescale Expo: 1 (2015)

The 2015 Fine Scale Model Railroader Expo was held in Scranton, Pennsylvania from March 26th through 28th, featuring contests, dealers, clinics and a one-of-a-kind kit-building challenge.  TrainMasters TV was there and brings you a two-part report with host Trevor Marshall.

Also in the April show:
  - Wiring modules on The Roadshow
  - Modeling scenery with Miles Hale on Back to the Basement
  - Bonus: Woodland Scenics "Just Plug" LED lighting system

Act II: Our report on the Fine Scale Expo continues ...

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coyoteww's picture

Great job on the interview's Trevor. You asked all the right questions, and I enjoy meeting the creators of the kits I am purchasing.

TMTV is just getting better and better !


Georonn's picture

Really nice piece.  Great questions.  Very good variety of products covered.  Way to go Trevor. Looking forward to part 2.



tpmarshall's picture

Hi George, Michael:

Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the segment. There were so many great vendors in the hall it was hard to narrow down the list for interviews, but I'm pleased how this segment turned out. And the contest room was inspirational - I could've spent all day in there!

Happy modeling...

- Trevor

Really enjoyed this episode.  Can't wait for Part 2.


tpmarshall's picture

Well, Barry and I were working on Part Two today (mostly Barry, but I had a bit of work to contribute). It's on the way - and it's going to be, well, "Special". We had a bit of fun - well, a lot of fun - with the Expo's kitbashing contest. Frankly, it's unlike anything I've ever seen at a convention.


- Trevor

Part 2, with the craziest kit-building contest you've ever seen, is now up. What a hoot ...

filly535's picture


Wow, this is some amazing stuff. I'm happy if my latest Walthers kit comes out looking something like the picture on the box, but this level of detail is a hobby within a hobby.

It's kind of like this, I'm a fairly good woodworker, and I've built some nice pieces of furniture, but then I see the latest issue of Fine Woodworking magazine, and some of the pieces other people have done, and I feel like a hack. Thats what comes to mind watching these guys. I really enjoyed the segment however, and your interviews were first rate.



tpmarshall's picture

Hi Philip:

Barry and I know exactly what you mean. We'd see some great dioramas on display, look at each other, and one of us would say, "Well, I'm going to burn my project". But of course what these shows really do is inspire one to do better. I have a few structures on my layout that are turning into really nice scenes, and some of the ideas I saw at this show will influence how I finish those scenes at home.

Thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you enjoyed the interviews. My background is in reporting (although not TV), although I rarely get to do that now. So I enjoyed doing them.


- Trevor

I'm a bit delayed getting a look at this, buy I really enjoyed it.  

I'd like to suggest that show reports like this include a "comment" with the name and URL of the companies, since it's often hard to remember them afterwards.  


tpmarshall's picture

Hi "Rstern1"...

Thanks for the feedback - we're glad you enjoyed the report. We'll keep your suggestion in mind. Of course, you can always go back and watch it again, and jot down the name of the company mentioned.


- Trevor