2015-03.5: Making a quick tin roof

31 Mar 2015

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20:01 - March 2015 Bonus - Backshop clinic: Quick tin roof (2015)

Modeler John Lowrance shows us a quick process for creating the illusion of individual panels on flat corrugated plastic.  This is a creative technique that can be applied to structures, flat car decks, and wood walls.


Bntrainmaster's picture

This is a very creative technique with a great looking outcome.  The only issue I have with this video is they should have shown a close up of the finished product.

In the video, John mentioned he is a member of the San Antonio Model Railroad Association (SAMRA); unfortunately he mis-quoted their URL.  SAMRA can be found on the web at:  http://www.samratx.org


Kevin Bergeman


While the spray painting technique works out very well (I hate cleaning airbrushes) I particularly liked the use of the stick and blue tape as a handle for the material being painted. Why'nt I think a that?? 

Agree completely. I was quite surprised and disappointed that there was no close up of the finished product at the end of the video.