2015-02.5: SoundTraxx SoundCar install

28 Feb 2015

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37:20 - Feb 2015 Bonus 1 - DCC Decoded: SoundCar install (2015)

The Soundtraxx SoundCar decoder replicates the sounds from rolling stock, such as rail clack, flange squeal, flat shots, brakes and coupler release.

Roger Chrysler returns to the DCC Decoded studio to demonstrate the installation of Tsunami SoundCar decoders in two pieces of rolling stock.  Follow along step-by-step as he shows the entire process, including adding a Current Keeper module, and tips for getting better sound out of the units.

Bonus 2: Carving the date into concrete overpass (Roadshow outtake) ...

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Soundtraxx SoundCar Decoder  #829100

Soundtraxx Current Keeper  #810140

Soundtraxx 27mm speaker  #810130

Soundtraxx 28mm baffle kit  #810110

Ring Engineering power pick-up truck  #PPT-33-T

Miniatronics 2-conductor connector  #50-001


Great video, and very informative. It has given me great ideas for my future layout , which will have container cars and boxcar running on it.

Although most of the things said about installing decoders was correct, there was one thing that is incorrect:

You should not hermetically seal the back of a speaker because it would limit the travel of the speaker membrane. This is simple physics. If you want to increase the sound from a speaker in a car or locomotive you must have a direct path for the sound waves to get out, you must choose the biggest speaker you can install and most importantly you must avoid the sound waves canceling each other out. So the longer the distance the sound waves from the front surface of the speaker must travel till they collide with the sound from the back surface of the speakers the more sound you get.

Wikipedia http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interference_(wave_propagation)


 I was surprised that the power source for the container car was not made the female with the male plug in the container itself. With a male on the car, the exposed pins are hot any time the rails are hot. That looks like a potential for shorts at some point in the future.


David, that's a good point. Sometimes the devil's in the details ... and our guests sometimes get a little nervous on camera and don't think of everything on the fly.

Thanks for the great tip, though!

Another good video, Roger, thanks.

Thought you might be interested in using a mini-fan when you're soldering. I have one called Mighty Breeze by Vectacor. It uses 2 D batteries, folds up for storage, has 2 speeds and is really quiet. I put it off to the side when I'm soldering and turn it on low and it blows the fumes away from my face.

I got mine through Home Hardware for $9.99 and I see it's also available online.

Hope to see more videos soon.



Ponoka, Alta

Purchased the parts for the reefer install and did one myself.  thanks for the excellent video instruction.!!

Nice video.  It would be nice to see this installed on a Bombardier Cab-Coach car with the lighting effects, as well as sound. I  would love to see how to get power to the decoder with the original trucks since I don't know of any after market replacable trucks for that model.

Keep up the great work