2015-02.2: TMTV February 2015 Edition - Act II

12 Feb 2015

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15:48 - February 2015 Act II - Amherst Show report, pt 2 (2015)

More from the 2015 Amherst Railway Society's Springfield show.  Miles Hale talks to a kit builder who specializes in boats for models railroads, learns about touch-sensitive switches for controlling accessories, and discovers a unique way to ride the rails.

Act III: Mike Porter's HO-scale Chicago Great Western layout ...

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coyoteww's picture

I enjoy Miles interviewing the manufacturers of these great new products. Not only do we see the products in action, we learn a little history of why they were developed and how they are being used.

Great work...keep it up !


Bntrainmaster's picture

All of you videos are fantastic. I really enjoy the videos that involve different layouts and train shows. it is always nice to see what is new in the hobby and the work that other people do.

Keep up the GREAT work.


Wow, normally I don't get much from show reviews, but Miles did a great job at Amherst. The views of the harbor scene with the waterline boats was worth the price of admission. I have seen the touch toggles advertised but this was the best product review. And the custom gang car ... Like a motor home on tracks. Anyone would enjoy a few days riding the rails in this... Maybe even my wife who has no interest in trains.

The Amherst show segments were very interesting, but wasn't there a lot more stuff that was interesting or new?

The only drawback of these two segments was that they were too short.  Like to see more of the exhibited layouts and new products with commentary.  Lots of good ideas at the shows, would be great if we could see more of them. 

I guess if my only whine was not having enough of a great segment, you guys should be really happy.

Keep up the great work, just show a bit more of it.