2015-01.4: Foam terrain sculpting

30 Jan 2015

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18:17 - January 2015 Act IV - Roadshow: Terrain sculpting (2015)

In the fifth instalment of The Roadshow, Trevor uses a very loud saw to trim the styrene fascia on his modules, and then puts a variety of tools to work to sculpt terrain into pink styrofoam.

Note:  In the wrap-up in last month's episode, Trevor stated that he would be building a concrete bridge this month.  That segment will be presented in the February show.


I really enjoyed this episode.  My only suggestion would be to use a tripod for the filming.  The camera man did a great job of hand holding the video camera; however, nothing beats a tripod.

Great work Trevor, always a highly anticpated segment. I noticed that some timbers have appeared on the end of the modules, are you using these as part of the connecting process?

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Hi Justin:

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure what you mean by "timbers" but I'll hazard a guess...

1 - There are profile blocks fitted as part of the roadbed at the ends of each section. These help align track across modules by creating a consisted roadbed profile. They're a standard followed by the S Scale Workshop - one of our members creates them for the group. The dimensions are only important if you're building a module to use with the Workshop - but the point is that if the roadbed is the same at the end of every module, that's one less thing to worry about. I think these were covered in the roadbed segment with Chris, but I can't be recall.

2 - There's a wood lip across the bottom of some sections. This is a piece of 1xWhatever, screwed and glued to the bottom of the framing on some sections to provide a ledge upon which to rest the adjacent section while assembling the module. This may have been covered in the benchwork segment with Pierre. Again, I can't recall.

I hope this helps. Thanks for watching!

- Trevor