2015-01.3: David Jacobs' Serendipity & Western

18 Jan 2015

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14:16 - January 2015 Act III - David Jacobs' Serendipity & Western (2015)

David Jacobs' Serendipity & Western Railroad started out as a hi-rail layout, but his interest in narrow gauge led him to create a highly-detailed On30 world, inspired by a celebrated American author.

Act IV: Scenery-forming on The Roadshow ...

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This is what it is all about.

Imagination, learning, creative license when wanted or needed and the relaxation and joy it obviously brings in this case, to David.

This segment sums up all the reasons I am re-entering this wonderful hobby after 30+ years.

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great layout lots of very nice details and weathering 

Amazing detail. Kudos

What a peaceful escape. That was simply enjoyable.  Thanks!!

What a fine "labor of love."

The layout was fantastic. I really enjoyed both the layout and the interspersed bits of history, and especially the archival footage. But the video itself was incredibly hard to watch. It kept stopping (aborting playback) about every 2 minutes over and over. I can never watch any of these videos with the "Regular" player and today even the "Alternate" player was giving me fits!


I visited this layout during the KC NNGC this past summer. So many great details packed into a surpirsingly small space. During my visit both the 3 rail and the On30 was running to the delight of those visiting. Hard to see at the time because of so many folks looking at the layout and taking pictures! The video really showed a lot of detail I missed! Thanks for this video Miles and great job on the KC NNGC14. 

Thanks for sharing your world with us.  It's a pleasure to see a beautifully modeled railroad in 4 x 8 space.  A welcome change from the whoppers that I will never be able to emulate.