2014-11.5: Bonus - Cool tools

28 Nov 2014

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24:34 - November 2014 Bonus - Backshop: Cool tools (2014)

Miles Hale brought some of his favorite tools to The Backshop Clinic to show us what they can do. And yes, despite LIonel's best efforts, Miles was able to leave with everything that he brought!

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"I saw that" - too funny!

Very well done, as usual.  Just too bad that Miles had to be rushed to fit in the alloted time.



What is the brand name of that fancy foam knife and where can one purchase it?

Great segment as always!

Someone needs to remove all the pockets on Lionel's clothes during gadget and tool segments, or make him wear a full body leotard, those don't have pockets...wait scratch that, just remove his pockets or make him wear mittens.

The Hot Knife I use is from: http://www.demandproducts.com

They are in Atlanta, Ga.

Thanks for watching,


Thank you for the tip regarding the dentist tools.

I watched this episode just before visiting the dentist today. I had a look at their tools and asked if they sort out the worn ones. She gave ma a discarded Scaler (Nordent SC204SD). As far as I can tell, the blades a terribly sharp ;) 

Greetings from Germany,


Miles, you have taught me that my tool cabinet is far from complete. Very instructive. Thanks.