2014-11.3: Virginia Southwestern coal loaders

20 Nov 2014

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16:59 - November 2014 Act III - Virginia Southwestern coal loaders (2014)

Virginia Southwestern is a 23' X 33' HO-scale layout built by John Wilkes.  John shows off some of the coal-loading machinery that he has scratchbuilt for his railroad.

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Nice interview with a passionate guys ,great work John!

Fan-tastic !!   Really looking forward to his article on kit bashing .


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Yeah! that's a great layout with very interesting operations being modeled. Very Nice!

and... Rick W. - this ones for you!!

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Amazing modeling! Your attention to detail and your scratch building is superb. I want to see more of your layout! 

Ralph Renzetti


I have been fortunate to have been able to see Johns old layout the the building of the new one. It is a great railroad and it is a challenge to dispatch which I get to do often.It keeps you on your toes.Here is a link from op session before Prototype Rails 2014.

Tom Wilson


Watched it this morning during breakfast.  Very enjoyable & informative.


Amazing work John. I really enjoyed this segment. Only wish there was more!

Mike Confalone


Well done John, looking forward to seeing more of your layout.

Paul Smilders




Thanks to all who have posted. Sorry its taken this long to respond....My computer skills are somewhat limited!! I just saw the comments today! 

I really like the way John uses Walthers kits and makes them his own creations, and the scratch built coal loaders are amazing! Reminds of the early work Art Curran did with kit bashing. I also like that John is not such a stickler for every exact detail in every scene.


Well done John, love the scratch building. 

great work....