2014-11.1: Easy structure scratchbuilding

29 Oct 2014

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19:41 - November 2014 Act I - Structure scratchbuilding (2014)

Modeler John Lowrance demonstrates simple tips for scratch-building a trackside shed in wood, board by board, in "The Backshop Clinic".

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John & Lionel,

Thanks, it looks like an easy and flexible technique.  

Kevin Bergeman

San Antonio, TX

Great ideas .....  Question.  Did I mss the souce of the windows?

Thanks Kevin,   Board by Board construction is always a little more time consuming but ususlly worth the effort in appearance.  If your in San Antonio, come visit at the San Antonio Model Railroad Association.   John Lowrance

Thanks for comment on sources of windows.   I mentioned in the video that I have scratch built the windows in place directly in the "hole" we created with the plan and the wall boards.  That allows me to make the window exacly for the plan.  If I freelance the building plan like I did for this project, I try to make the windows and doors fit a pre selected window casting to save a little time.  Grant Line and SS Limited make some great window castings but I also salvage window castings out of any plastic structure I can find at dirt cheap prices at train shows!   Those part built but incompleted kits people dump often have dozens of great windows doors and other details.   John Lowrance

Why is Styrene or plastic scratchbuilding not considered 'real' scratch building?  I taking a brick wall I've made, molded, then cast, and am scratch building it into a building of my choosing ... right now some of the old buildings in New Orleans' French Quarter.  


You can't build a brick building with sticks.  LOL!!!  I need to determine and make measurements from reference photos of the building I want to make, scale them down, transfer them to the plastic wall, cut out all the doors and window openings, fit the doors and windows, paint them, then set them into place.  That's just as much scratch building as building a shed from sticks.  Plastics ... all plastics ... are used in scratchbuilding as well.  ;)   Thanks for reading!