2014-10.5: TMTV October 2014 Edition - Bonus

24 Oct 2014

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6:03 - October 2014 Bonus - SoundTraxx SoundCar demo (2014)

Jarrette Ireland from Soundtraxx demos their SoundCar decoders at the National Train Show in Cleveland, Ohio.


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I know Jarrette didn't take Lionel's moo sound suggestion very seriously, but for what it's worth, another player in advanced control does offer it ;)

Goats, Sheep, Cows and Chickens are among the sound offering from Railpro right now. Sounds for stock yards, farms, and livestock cars! oh my!

I attended a demo of this at a Yankee Dabbler store a few weeks ago. The demonstrator showed off a whole lot of things related to consisting, and the sound car was one that I was most interested in.  I suppose that, over a period of time, equipping three cars with the necessary decoders wouldn't be too cost-prohibitive, and it would be nice to have the sounds from the rest of the train that are indeed missing from just the loco itself. As a modeler with a small (9'x11') around-the-walls garage layout, I think the sound car would be a really good idea. It might get "lost in the shuffle" on a really large layout, and to equip a lot of cars with decoders & speakers would be expensive and time-consuming. Then there's the fact that if there is switching going on, sooner or later it's going to be increasingly difficult to keep track (no pun intended) of which cars are the sound cars.  Of course, if one is following his or her train along with a hand-held, one could still reap the auditory benefits. In MHO, short trains would seem to be the best way to utilize this really neat innovation, perhaps using only one or two cars at a time. Has anyone else tried it out yet? It would be interesting to hear from a user or two.