2014-07.5 DCC Decoded - All about steam WOWSound

28 Jul 2014

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53:45 - July 2014 Bonus - All about WOWSound for steam (2014)

John and JD Forsythe from Train Control Systems drop into the TrainMasters TV studio to demo their WOWSound decoders with host Clark Kooning.

Visit the Train Control Systems website at http://www.tcsdcc.com/


WOW! Me want. I'm about to become a real believer.

I have installed the WowSound in HO, S, and On30 and they work great. I got to meet the guys at the Nat'l train show last month. The diesel sounds are also very nice. I asked them to add capability to control fan driven smoke units like the QSI Titan can. Once that is available I see myself gutting a lot of Paragon2 and MTH Proto 3 engines :) These decoders make running your trains more fun and easier at the same time. DCC has been around for around 30 years now. Finally there is a product that keeps the DCC standards, but also increases enjoyment AND makes it easier to use. I'm a tech savvy IT pro and I don't like traditional DCC CV programing. I want my trains to be fun to run and these decoders accomplish exactly that. Kudos TCS.