2014-07.1: Jerry Fassnacht's Pennsy/Reading

05 Jul 2014

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11:24 - July 2014 Act I - Jerry Fassnacht's Pennsy/Reading (2014)

On the July 2014 edition of TrainMasters TV…

  1. Childhood memories of the Reading and Pennsylvania railroads, down by the tracks - a visual essay.
  2. Streamliners on parade at the North Carolina Transportation Museum - a two part documentary.
  3. And Modeller Miles Hale takes us "Back to the Basement" as he starts building a new layout - a new TrainMasters series!

In this segment (ACT I):

Jerry Fassnacht's HO-scale railroad will always take him back to his childhood in eastern Pennsylvania.  He and his brother have created scenes on his layout that are based on their childhood memories of growing up near the Pennsy and Reading railroads in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

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Supplemental documents that acompany this video:

1. Layout trackplan

Coming in Act II: Streamliners on parade at the North Carolina Transportation Museum, part 1 ...

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I have had the pleasure of operating on Jerry's layout. When I left I said to my buddy John who was with me rright after we left that was a great session and railroad and I hope to get to do it again. It is one of the best representations of Pa. modeling that I have seen. Since I am from Pa. I do not say that lightly. I am sorry to hear the house is on the market. This is a great railroad.

Tom Wilson

Great layout. Great video but for the life of me can't find act 2. Can't navigate this site at all. What is it with all these acts...?

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A new act is posted each week of the month.  Every month has four weeks, and the show has four acts.  Act II of the July show will be posted sometime around July 14th.  Alternatively, you can watch the whole show in one sitting at the end of each month.  

The latest 8 videos are posted on the trainmasters.tv home page.

To find all the previous episodes, go here:


Barry - TrainMasters TV executive producer

Also, about the time Act II is released, the full show page is added, so you can see the full lineup for the month. For example, July's show is now up:


Very, very nice. I really like your layout a lot. Do you have a web site with more information and pictures?




Thank you for your comment. I don't currretly have a site but maybe down the road a bit it could happen.



I just subscribed to Trainmasters.tv and this is the very first video I have watched. First of all I love this layout. Wonderful job. Secondly,  I am pleasantly surprised at how good the production quality is. This is fantastic. If the rest of the programming is to the same standard then this service is a bargain! BTW... Who is the narrator? He has a great voice. He reminds me of the gentleman that owns the O gauge LCJ&I line on Youtube.

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Thanks for your comments, Jonathan.

We have several narrators for the segments in our show, but "The Voice" of TrainMasters TV is Gerry Fraiberg.  He's a veteran of news radio, and when he's not talking about trains he operates his own multi-media production company.  We're lucky to have him on board.

Barry Silverthorn, producer