2014-06.4: TMTV June 2014 Edition - Act IV

28 Jun 2014

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18:28 - June 2014 Act IV - Vendor Profile: North American Railcar (2014)

Dan Huberman from North American Railcar dropped by the TrainMasters TV studio to talk to host Lionel Strang about prototype rolling stock, the company's products and some of the challenges faced in the model train manufacturing business.


Very interesting regarding how the business of making the cars works. Someone gets it in so far as what modelers are seeking and knowing that a few dollars more will not affect the decision to buy a superior quality product.

Great video!  I always find interest in learning about goes on 'behind the scenes'.  I applaud Dan both for sharing the information as well as starting this business.  I do not model in HO, but seeing what North American Railcar is doing and the level of scale fidelity they are bringing to the market, they are making it tempting for me to consider converting.

Those are some of the best looking cars I have seen in any scale.