2014-06.2: Steel industry modeling / New York Alcos

17 Jun 2014

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13:25 - June 2014 Act II - Steel industry modeling / New York Alcos (2014)

In Act II of the June edition of TrainMasters TV, Tom Wilson takes us on a tour of the steel-making industry on his Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway on MyLayout, and Ken Goslett finds a haven for ALCOs on the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad in New York state.

Here's some additional resources ...

Tom's website:

Tom's track plan is here:

And here is Tom's YouTube channel:

In Act III: Ops party in Barry's Backyard ...

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 Barry, Thanks for doing a good job on editing my ramblings. Thanks Again

Tom Wilson 

Love it!  I've visited Tom's amazing layout (he is only about 70 minutes from my home) and this video did a great job of capturing the beauity along with the "how steel is made".

And Tom, I don't think that you rambled....any more than normal! (grin).


Great explanation of the steel mill.  Great show guys! 

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Tom, you did a great job of explaining the process.  I learned a lot about making steel from working on this segment.  - Barry

I made one mistake in my explaining the batteries. The batteries are made up of ovens , the oven together are a battery. There are 105 ovens on my model. made up of 3 batteries.(NOTE) The coke batteies will be enlarging . A friend of mine layout has a blast furnace and is in need of coke and it will be interchanged to the NYC at Hopewell Transfer.on the P&WV. Good reason to build more coke batteries!!. Thanks for the nice comments. Tom

Great video, would love to see an operating session video of this in action.  

https://www.youtube.com/user/pandwvrr/videos    My You Tube channel has videos of my op session.Tom


Tom, that is an amazing re-creation of something amazing!  I really enjoyed watching the video, and look forward to seeing more in the future.


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For as nice as Tom's RR is shown here, also know that his operating sessions are equally impressive. Tom and his wife are gracious hosts.   The railroad is well planned and fun to work. 

I appreciate your time and efforts, Tom.  Now let's get some coke shipping to my NYC! 



Seth, The interchange track is in . I just have to put some feeder wires in and coke will be shipping!!