2014-05.4: Modeling structures by the book

25 May 2014

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13:06 - May 2014 Act IV - O-scale structures by the book (2014)

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Pat Harriman's passion is building structures, and his O-scale layout is a showcase for dozens of buildings and bridges that he has designed.  He has made his building plans available for fellow scratchbuilders in two books of drawings.

The first of Pat's two structure plan books are now available FREE to TMTV members here.

Bonus content:  Extreme weathering part 3, weathering locos.

Go to Extreme Weathering, part 3


Excellent!  Now that's the "magic" of model railroading.  And Pat doesn't even like to run trains. Keep up the good work. You're doing just fine.

I really have to check out Pat's books! The video is great and Pat's structures are wonderful to see.

I also have to say it is nice to see a fellow K-Stater as a model railroader!

Ken Glover BS 1970, MRCP 1973

Would anyone be interested in eBook versions of Pat's books from MRH?

Most Definitely! I would love them. They are such interesting designs.

They seem to be hard to find so ebooks would be great

Barry Rosier

I would like ebook versions of Pat's books. I have to wonder how Pat would feel about it. He and the publisher would lose control over the truly final product. By that I mean accuracy of any printed plans. 

Pat's books are out of print.

Why was there only one run of these?  How can we obtain his books now?

Absolutley! Where can we get them?

MRH will be releasing them as eBooks in the next few months. We have the masters and we're digitizing them now.

Very nice work,will look forward to reading the books.


I would definitely be interested in ebook versions of Pats work! This fellow is an inspiration to all modelers.

Good onya Pat. I like ya style.


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I can't get act 4 to work! Both players just take me back to the home page!

I can't get act 4 to work! Both players just take me back to the home page!

This was an artifact of our conversion to all https a couple months back. Links are all fixed - try it now.