2014-04.5 Backshop Clinic - Extreme weathering 1

07 Apr 2014

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29:47 - Apr 2014 Bonus 1 - Extreme rolling stock weathering (2014)

Part 1 of 4: In this four-part bonus Backshop Clinic, we follow Ralph Renzetti's techniques for weathering rolling stock.

Part 2 covers creating rust spots and streaks, as well as weathering wheels and truck sideframes.

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Outstanding!  Can't  wait to try these techniques.

Hi Guys

Liked the video.  In regards to the windscreen washer fluid what percentage is the methyl hydroxide ( methanol) in the solution. In Australia they tend to use a range of chemicals  I finally found a methonal based product. Thanks Graeme

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To be honest with you, I have never paid attention to the formulation.

What I do know is the summer fluid works better then the winter fluid. If I remeber correctly the summer fluid has a touch of amonia mixed in. The winter fluid has a form antifreeze (methanol) this is not recommended for modeling use.

I have seen some of the military guys use Standard/Original Windex to thin Tamyia paints and it should work for this purpose as well.

I hope this helps.


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Speaking of colored Sharpies.

As you mention, go to an art store.  Prism and Stadler both make an extensive range of artist pens.  You want the .3mm or finer.