2014-04.4: Sundance Central Fn3 modular layout

30 Apr 2014

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31:02 - Apr 2014 Act IV - Sundance Central Fn3 modular layout (2014)

The builders of the Fn3-scale Sundance Central are true craftsmen.  This group has taken large-scale modeling out of the garden and to levels of detail rarely seen in the hobby.  We visit the layout at its home in the Suncoast Center for Fine Scale Modeling and get a close-up view of the models and some of the members’ techniques.


Wow. Inspiring.

A very enjoyable video.  Such detail!

Awe inpiring model railroad.  Once again a top quality video.

Fantastic!  I just mapped it and it's only 1hr and 45 minutes from my Florida home!  I'll definately be visiting them!

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I had the priviledge of seeing the SC layout at the NNGC in Hickory in 2011.  You guys are amazing.  Keep up the outstanding work!

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Outstanding display of Master Modeling. Inspiring work and cooperation! 

Next time I'm in the area I will definitely drop in and see. 

Thanks for making it available to the public. 


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I'll be in Florida in January and the SC will be on the itinerary

wow is all I can say. Patrick Rivard.

One of the BEST layouts I have ever seen!!!


This was a really interesting video and one of the most detailed I have ever seen! keep up the fantastic work!

Too cool, wow. Great modeling, love to see it in person.