2014-03.3: Watertown club and shake-the-box kits

20 Mar 2014

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12:29 - Mar 2014 Act III - Watertown club and shake-the-box kits (2014)

In our MyLayout segment, we visit The Watertown Model Railroad club in upper New York State.

We also look in on Backshop Clinic guest Bruce Wilson as he talks with Lionel Strang about simple freight car kits. For more in-depth details as well as some simple yet-realistic weathering techniques, see this month's bonus videos.

In Act IV: In Barry's Backyard, the trains start running!


Enjoying these backshop clinics.  Don't forget 'classic' or 'vintage' wood kits as intermediate or advanced kits.  You can still find them in production from companies like Labelle, but also on the online auction sites and at train shows.  Central Valley seems to have some of the best instructions and is a good place to start.  These are also easy to upgrade with additional details.  Thanks again for a great show.