2014-02.3: TMTV Feb 2014 Edition - Act III

15 Feb 2014

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14:42 - Feb 2014 Act III - The Amherst Railroad Hobby Show, part 3 (2014)

In part 3 of our Special Report on the Amherst Railroad Show, host Miles Hale talks about 3D printing, visits an HO-scale modular layout built on a theme. and introduces us to a manufacturer of structure kits who every model railroader should know.

In Act IV: A beautifully-detailed F-scale sectional layout, software and lighting products, and the largest layout at the Amherst show.

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Excellent video.  Very informative.  The  3D printing is impressive.  I' m anxious to purchase the quick flats for Lunde Studios.



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very good enjoyed watching

Additional info on the 3d printed house can be found at:  http://nvrr49.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-house-3d-printed-down-on-farm-5.html

Addtional info on the 3d printed octagon barn can be found at: http://nvrr49.blogspot.com/2014/01/octagon-barn-3d-printed-down-on-farm-6.html

And additional info on the smokehouse can be found at: http://nvrr49.blogspot.com/2013/09/smokehouse-ho-scale-3d-printed-down-on.html

Best regards,  Kent

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Thanks for posting the links, Kent.  Nice to see the origins of these projects.


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