2014-02.2: TMTV Feb 2014 Edition - Act II

08 Feb 2014

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11:31 - Feb 2014 Act II - The Amherst Railroad Hobby Show, part 2 (2014)

In part 2 of our Special Report on the Amherst Railroad Show, host Miles Hale looks at a pre-fab modular benchwork system, flexible retaining walls and tunnel liners, and a full-size replica of a narrow-gauge milk car.

In Act III: Amherst Railroad Show, part 3.


Once again a great job!




An Iowian, I have never attended the Springfield show. What a great video as well as a great introduction to MIANNE benchwork ! I'm in a post house fire layout rebuild, and when "my ducks are in order," I'll use their product...particularly the lift gate !