2014-02.1: TMTV Feb 2014 Edition - Act I

03 Feb 2014

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14:26 - Feb 2014 Act I - The Amherst Railroad Hobby Show, part 1 (2014)

On the February edition of TrainMasters:
In this special edition of TrainMasters TV, join host Miles Hale as he visits layouts and manufacturers at the Amherst Model Railroad Show in Springfield, Massachussetts, probably the largest such show in North America.

In this segment, we get backstory on the Amherst Show from John Sacerdote, we look in-depth at the Narragansett Bay Rwy & Navigation Co On30 Free-Mo layout, and finally we talk to Athearn about their new product announcements.

Bonus content this month:

- The Backshop Clinic on backdrop painting, parts 3 and 4
- DVD Archive chapters from Mike Confalone's Scenery Modeling outside the box series
- And finally, the promised Mike Confalone interview!

In Act II: In Amherst Railroad Show Report, part 2, we tour a full-sized two-foot gauge boxcar as well as look at some new products you may not have heard about.

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