2014-01.1: Jim Rollwage's Union Pacific layout

04 Jan 2014

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16:15 - Jan 2014 Act I - Jim Rollwage's Union Pacific layout (2014)

On the January edition of TrainMasters:
The Wyoming Division was originally formed in 1867 as the Denver Pacific Railway.  The line was formed to create a link between the cities of Denver and Cheyenne, and was merged into the Union Pacific in 1880.  Jim Rollwage is modelling the railroad as it would have been in the transition from steam to diesel in 1950.

Also in the January show:

- Oak Ridge Horn Honk
- Barry's Backyard

Bonus content:

- The Backshop Clinic on backdrop painting
- Interview with Mike Confalone - Building and Operating the Allagash Railway (1 hr)

In Act II: Oak Ridge Horn Honk.

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You did a wonderful job of putting this together. I can't thank up enough. The inclusion of prototype footage really was great. Thanks, Jim & Marilyn

This keeps getting better and better. Keep doing what your doing.




Beautiful job Jim.

I would love to see an update on your layout. 



 I was formulate enough to operate on jims railroad in May of 2018. It's fantastic. Jim is now  using DCC on the layout.... he even let me operate with my GM&O RS1,,,, Great Guy, awesome railroad.....