2013-12.5: TMTV Dec 2013 Bonus - Backshop Clinic

31 Dec 2013

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27:33 - Dec 2013 Bonus - Chris Lyon on painting detail parts (2013)

This full video is available as a free sample!

Here's an additional half-hour bonus Backshop Clinic with host Lionel Strang and Chris Lyon, who shows us how to paint and weather detail parts.


Very helpful! I suffer from shakes from time to time, so will be applying the position before painting.

Thank you.

Great clinic.  It woud be helpful if we could have some extreme close up shots of the items during the different stages of the process.

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Thanks to both of you for the feedback.  We always welcome ideas that will make our content more useful.

This Backshop Clinic was the first TrainMasters TV studio segment that was shot. and the freshly-assembled cast and crew (especially) all learned a lot from the session.  The experience gained from this effort will be used to make the clinics better in the future.  One thing you can do in the meantime is watch the video in full-screen format to make the detail is as clear as possible.  


I liked the idea of using the Dowel/Double Face tape for holding the part.  Holding small parts has always been my downfall.



Yes, just wanted to add that the learnings from this clinic have been applied to later clinics we've video'd and we're doing more closeups of the work. We do listen and do everything we can to bring you what you are asking for!