2013-12.2: Lex Parker's On3 D&RGW, part 2

07 Dec 2013

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13:52 - Dec 2013 Act II - Lex Parker's On3 D&RGW, part 2 (2013)

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Here in part 2 on Lex Parker's On3 Denver & Rio Grande Western, Lex talks about weathering, bridges, and backdrops and how all these elements contribute to the impression he is trying to create.

In Act III: Whistle-maker Mike Daugherty shows us how his authentic steam locomotive whistles are crafted.

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Lex, your railroad is a real inspiration.  I really enjoyed the tour. 

Barry, beautifully done!

Mike Confalone

here! here!

Your "Journey" is exactly the same outlook I have.

Now I know what to call my outlook.

"A Journey"


Alex Hulstaert


Having trouble playing video on my iPad

Define "having trouble" ...

1. Go to the video and it doesn't ever play at all

2. Video starts to play, but hangs

3. Video is choppy, audio sync is off, etc.

Have you also tried the Alternate Player? Have you tried both the Chrome browser and the Safari browser?

what a great layout! Very motivational. Thanks for some great tips that I will incorporate on my next layout. 


George Flanagan

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that is a awsome layout would like to visit it in person some time. lex is a great modler

Wow what a beautiful layout and terrific scenery!  I have taken note of your tip on curving the scenery up where it meets the backdrop, very good idea!  The weathering on your structures is really something. Thanks for sharing your layout and tips with us Rex.

Very nice layout ! Details, colors, atmosphere... I am transported in Colorado.

Thank you Lex.

Michel Foissy from France