2013-12.1: Lex Parker's On3 D&RGW, part 1

07 Dec 2013

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15:06 - Dec 2013 Act 1 - Lex Parker's On3 D&RGW layout (2013)

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On the December edition of TrainMasters:
In a two-part segment, we tour Lex Parker's  O-scale Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad.  Lex has been modeling narrow gauge for over 30 years and finds that there is always more detail to add to his layout.

Also in the December show:

- Artist Mike Daugherty keeps the art of whistle-making alive.
- Gail and Greg Whayman share their modelling projects on MyLayout.
- Modeler Chris Lyon shares painting detail part tips with host
  Lionel Strang on The Backshop Clinic.

In Act II: Part 2 of Lex Parker's On3 D&RGW railroad.

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I really enjoyed Lex's layout video and the extreme details of each scene.  Also the sounds of the town and business really ads charm to his modeling.  Can't wait for Part number 2's release.   Doug

December is looking good! This is without a doubt the most enjoyable layout visit video I've ever seen. I'm very happy with my decision to support TMTV from the start, and can't wait to see what you've got coming up!

I am really enjoying the HD quality of these videos, this is a really cool layout.

As a DRGW Narrow Gauge modeler I have followed, and been inspired by, Lex's fabulous model building skills. Wonderful to see this on TMTV.   

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Very inspiring. I've been following Lex's layout on his Facebook page for some time and it's nice to see it come to life here. His modeling skills and attention to detail are amazing. Looking forward to seeing the next installment.

Excellent presentation.

I really enjoyed this! Lex's layout is stunning, of course, but the way he approaches the hobby is also very cool. He appears to be a pretty laid back guy, but I appreciate that this is a winter only hobby and that he doesn't even necessarily work it every day then. A little at a time, as you feel like it, still accomplishes so much!